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but i like to look at my old posts here and u can too now welp bye
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This is a 90% Taylor Swift blog and 10% other celebrities I love. Hi, I'm Hillary and I like sweet tea, long walks on the beach, and fireside chats.
Jonas, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Food, Colors, and Amber Carson.
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~~idk i'm here creying over 1d wbu~~~
SEMI-HIATUS If you haven't noticed, I haven't been updating very much lately because I've been super busy with school and obviously that's the higher priority. I'll post what I can on weekends! Thanks for sticking with me <3 · Last Kiss appreciation blog

Ask me anything! If something’s worth sending, you can send it without hiding anonymously. Please do not ask me to follow you!

Read this first.

Can you follow back/promote me?
No, I DO NOT follow back/by request. Sorry! If you’re one of those people who will follow me, message me to follow you, and then unfollow when I don’t, just simply don’t follow me. I’ll check out your blog if you ask but don’t expect me to follow. I believe in following whatever blogs you find that you like! I also don’t promote!

What program do you use for your edits/gifs?
Adobe Photoshop CS4. I use both original colorings and PSDs.

Where can you get PSDs?

Where do you get your Taylor pics?
Fansites such as and

What are some good blogs to follow?
Here is a compiled list of my favorite blogs! Also, this is the link to all of my follow fridays.

Where did you get your theme?
You can find it here. My last theme was from here.

How did you put a FAQ underneath the ask box?
I created a page with the url /Ask (notice the a is capitalized; the real ask box has all lowercase letters). Then I pasted this code under the ‘edit HTML source’ option of the toolbar. Then you type whatever you want underneath.

I apologize in advance if I take a while to answer anonymous questions! For most non-anon messages, I’ll answer privately though. Please know I appreciate all your messages, if I forgot to respond! :)