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but i like to look at my old posts here and u can too now welp bye
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~~idk i'm here creying over 1d wbu~~~
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AMA’s in 2007 :(



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    joe looks sooooooo hot.
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    i can not believe they used to look like that… HAHAHAHAHA oh my god, i miss them. goodbye.
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    Why are two poodles standing next to Joe Jonas? Idgi.
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    omg, i love them, but they look terrible ahhhh, why would they every leave the house looking like that?
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    Is it weird that I kind of started crying during the commercial of the AMAs, because I knew that it wouldn’t be complete...
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    i love how they were back then and i love how they are now. no matter what they’re wearing or their music, i’ll love...
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